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Maruffi Fausto


Twenty years of experience in the sector. Immediately passionate about white art, he gradually became interested in the various sectors of Italian and international cuisine. Over the years he has developed an awareness and a technique that has led him to create his own personal style. Simple cuisine, fresh ingredients, attention to detail and, as he always says, a pinch of love

Nocera Michela


Young promise of catering.

He has gained food and wine experiences at various restaurants and catering in the area.

He approaches the world of wine since his first experiences collaborating with various winemakers in the area and in northern Italy, also taking an interest in French bubbles. He often visits the cellars always looking for new labels with the aim of improving himself and offering you a unique experience at Perlage.

They collaborate with us

Land Matteo


He started his career in the kitchen but soon his passion for pastry took over. Over the years, creativity and experimentation have become his signature while learning

"the job" in the laboratories of central Italy; from Florence where the classic homemade pastry teaches him the basics, to Parma where he learns the most advanced techniques from chefs of the Italian Master Pastry Chef Academy, up to Perlage where with his desserts he will conclude your food and wine journey.

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